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Tasty Startups: Coffee-Time, Sometimes A Coffee Should Just Be A Coffee

Tasty Startups: Coffee-Time



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The Craving it Satisfies

Fast and easy invitations for coffee.


Why it has a winning recipe

Before becoming a parent, I used to love grabbing quick coffees with friends. That hasn’t happened in seven months now. Drinking four times my usual amount of caffeine in the morning to compensate for lack of sleep doesn’t help matters, but the real trouble is that I don’t have a reliable schedule any longer. I can only do things as the moment allows, and trying to make arrangements usually doesn’t happen fast enough to prove worth the trouble.


Going for coffee is simple. Meeting up for coffee should be just as easy.


Coffee-Time takes an approach that I’ve recently seen dating apps and other meetup tools take – trying to condense the scheduling process down to one tap and a one-time offer.


Here’s how it works. You send an invite for coffee to someone with the time and place. They say “yes” or “no.” Easy peasy. No reason to complicate things. If you don’t have time for a coffee, after all, then you clearly don’t have hours to tell your story or engage in an endless back and forth rescheduling exchange.


You can invite anyone for a coffee using Coffee-Time, regardless if they have the app or not. Currently in beta, the startup is working on both iOS and Android versions.


It’s easy to understand the appeal of this rapid-fire, yes or no format. Too often we get hung up in marathon texting bouts that take up more time than it would actually take to meet and have a coffee. Say “no” and it’s understood that the timing is wrong. End of story. Say “yes,” and you have all that you would otherwise say in a text to talk about in person.


The app, like coffee, works for both social or professional purposes. Simple, versatile, and fast. Smart. It shouldn’t take three hours to plan a 15-min coffee. Give your days back their java jolt at


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Author : Keith Liles

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