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Tasty Startups: Clara Foods Asks “What Comes Last, The Chicken Or The Egg?”

Tasty Startups: Clara Foods



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The Craving it Satisfies

Egg whites without the chicken. Or the egg.


Why it has a winning recipe

Like every “awake” human being, I’m concerned about genetically modified or genetically engineered food. Even the phrases sound terrifying. However, I also like to step back from my own knee-jerk reactions and think through my responses. For example: businesses like Monsanto, that imperil global food supplies for the sake of their profit margin and work tirelessly to subvert laws in their favor, deserve our unending wrath and vigilance. On the other hand, I can accept that science should play a role in solving the challenges of feeding the human population – and recognize that there are companies that are both ethical and have more than the bottom dollar on the plate…


Companies like Clara Foods. (I appreciate you hangin’ with me for that longer than usual but necessary warm up). “Clara Foods aims to provide an un-compromised egg by taking the chicken out of the equation.” For starters, they’re creating an animal-free egg white.


No threats of avian flue or salmonella, less industry waste, less burden on land and water resources, no need for chickens (which, if you investigate large-scale production at all, will have you consuming nothing more than veg and fruit juices in a hurry) – taking all of these benefits into account, I’m cautiously enthusiastic.


How they can match taste, that short-circuits my imagination. How they make the egg white from yeast, doing the chickens’ work… not sure I want to fully understand. Buuuuut, I can applaud their efforts. Clara Foods’s version of the vegan egg white strikes me as a sound and responsible endeavor, and it helps me remain open minded in general when I’m introduced to companies with a similar desire as theirs: to “cultivate a better and safer food system using technology.”


I raise my fork to Clara Foods and hope they indeed prove to be a good egg. Certainly we can thank them for keeping bits of shell out of our breakfasts.



The undisputed favorite app of hens worldwide @ClaraFoods


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