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Why it has a winning recipe

For my money, bakers are Jedi knights. Give me a recipe for any kind of dish and I can hold my own in the kitchen. Though untrained, I can cook. Baking is another story. I’m a disaster. Something is missing in my toolkit. Oddly, though this shortcoming makes me the odd man out, my baking fails help me to appreciate Baker’s Batch even more.


Baker’s Batch is an online platform that celebrates all things great about baking. It’s a destination where people can find great baking recipes, great bakers and great baking products.


I call bakers Jedis because their art is ancient and amazing and marginalized. Mass produced baked goods clog our shelves. Yet, everyone loves baked goods. Everyone knows the difference between handmade and machine shopped goodies. And loves the real deal.


Especially in the States, this general assessment of the baking scene holds true. Buuuuut, something is rising. In coffee shops, cafés, farmers markets and more and more grocery stores, better baked goods are mounting a comeback. Baker’s Batch should help accelerate this trend.


Nothing comforts us or delights us quite like fresh baked breads and sweets. In my wife’s home country, Argentina, you can’t hardly walk a block without encountering a panaderia – a store that sells bread and pastries. Not only do panaderias lend an amazing fragrance to the streets, but they ensure that quality baked goods are a normal part of everyday life.


My US friends, this is a cultural shift worth supporting. Bring on the cakes, cookies, and croissants! What I wouldn’t give for some medialunas to go with an afternoon coffee about now (unfamiliar? look ‘em up or request learning more about medialunas on Baker’s Batch).


Wanna share incredible baking recipes? Score delicious treats from brand partners? Learn how to bake from the pros? Take a deeper breath of what’s in the oven at bakersbatch.com.



Join the Jedi circle of bakers #bakersbatch!


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