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Tasty Startups: Allset


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The Craving it Satisfies

Your table and food are ready when you show up at a restaurant for lunch.


Why it has a winning recipe

Dunno about you, but I find lunch at the desk depressing. It’s so sad when you can’t take a real break from work to eat, stretch the legs, have a change of scenery… I’ve eaten more meals alone and without moving than I care to admit for lack of time to grab lunch elsewhere.


Allset gives lunch goers a way to enjoy a fast lunch without worrying about the clock. Diners use the app to choose meals at restaurants partnering with the app and order in advance. After the restaurant accepts and confirms, you show up at the restaurant at the designated time, and your table and meal will be ready for you.


This system eliminates the two ends of the meal that drag out lunchtime beyond the realm of possibility for many – ordering and paying. Staff are crazy busy at lunch, so it takes too long for many professionals to place an order, then wait for food, and then dance through the check-paying routine. With Allset, you’ve ordered and paid in advance. So, you just show up and, well, you’re all set to eat. (geddit?) Say thanks, and leave when your done.


No cafeteria lines, no stressing out over making it back to the desk in time for that conference call, PLUS a chance to step out and have a real lunch for a change, which is good for both body and spirit.


Allset serves as an attractive tool for restaurants to more efficiently handle greater traffic at lunch. A tap of the phone is all it takes to accept business. Restaurants don’t pay any fees or need any additional hardware to introduce the Allset app (read: no paying a zillion dollars for buzzer systems that no one likes). Allset cooperates nicely with other reservation services, so there’s little learning needed to get up and running.


For sure, restaurants that build a reputation for moving the lunch crowd along quickly, with the added convenience of online ordering, gain an advantage over their rivals. Time is short during lunch, after all, and no one wants to sweat the clock. The peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be out the door as soon as you’re ready is a powerful selling point.


And what a treat to sit down to a table other than the desk, and to not feel like you need to scarf down your lunch in record time. Sign up to know when Allset is coming to an office near you at allsetnow.com.



Yes, there is time to go for lunch, at a restaurant not called your work desk @allsetUS


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