Tasty Startups: Airdo Ensures You Won’t Starve The Next Time You Fly

Tasty Startups: Airdo


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The Craving it Satisfies

A smarter, tastier way for air travelers to dine


Why it has a winning recipe

If we’re honest, I think we can agree that airline dining options have come a long way in the last 10-20 years. Wine bars, good coffee, gastropubs – delicious options that were once only the stuff of starving travelers’ dreams are now more commonplace at many airports. Still, there are miles and miles to go…


Airdo is a mobile app that tackles those remaining pains of trying to find a good bite when you’re flying.


For starters, you enter in your flight code and it will automatically pull up good options on the way to your gate. This comes in very handy when you’re too tired to venture in the wrong direction or bother to read the directory, or can’t find the directory to begin with.


If you know before you land what’s in store, you’re less likely to grab the first thing in sight – especially if you’re coming from a flight without food service or face noshless hours on your connection.


After you have the options at your fingertips (which Airdo goes to the trouble of curating on your behalf), you can place your orders in advance and have food ready for pick up. You can also handle the payment ahead of time. Airdo provides instructions as to where you collect your food.


This system is great for many reasons. Restaurants typically serve better food than other vendors, but there’s not always time to wait for a seat, order, pay, etc. Airdo gets down to the essentials for the time-crunched traveler: good food on the go.


Even when time permits, too often settling the tab turns into a “I’m-gonna-miss-my-flight” cause for panic, which upsets the stomach you’ve gone to the trouble of settling with a quality meal before takeoff. Airdo stops that anxiety before it has a chance to strike.


So, in just a few taps, you have tasty food ready for you. You’re spared wandering the terminal like a hangry zombie, and can travel feeling more like your well-fed, normal self.


Not that travel incentive is ever lacking, but doesn’t Airdo make you wanna book a flight and give it a test?



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