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Tasty Startups: Agrilicious. You’ll Only Eat Local After A Healthy Look Here

Tasty Startups: Agrilicious



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The Craving it Satisfies

“All Things Local Food And Handmade Goods”


Why it has a winning recipe

When Agrilicious says “all,” they mean it. The site is a mix of marketplace, social network, information resource, cause megaphone, and media center. And it’s fantastic.


The first 3-part episode of “In Search Of Food” on AgriliciousTV quickly won me over – challenging chef Scott Pampuch to cook a school lunch for 300 kids with local ingredients. For $1.15 a head. Under the guidance of rockstar lunch lady Chef Ann Cooper. It’s an entertaining showcase of characters in the food movement and the challenges of eating local and healthy. It’s also a bright reflection of what Agrilicious is all about.


Agrilicious helps connect the different players in communities – farmers, merchants, restaurants, bloggers and consumers, etc. – lending greater visibility to local food options. There are boards for sharing information and asking questions, recipe ideas, graphics and more resources to become educated about the locavore lifestyle.


Visitors can also find great reading material in addition to videos. Did I mention yet that the site just has great energy? It’s colorful, diverse, and a real treat to explore. What’s more, it’s a fine example of how to better connect the general population to advocates and merchants in the food movement.


Food movement, you say? That’s right. People are growing more aware of the benefits of eating local, organic, sustainable… But efforts, the cause if you will, has had trouble forming a recognizable identity that makes it easy to rally around. The Agrilicious hub lets people find out what’s happening in their own backyard while also learning about what’s happening in other communities. It creates a tasty, unified vision.


We could have a lively debate about what’s at stake concerning our food supply chains. For starters though, Agrilicious gives people a resource to find and eat fresh, local food at peak flavor. Yum.


Go back for as many helping as you like at



Discover all the available seasonal treats fresh from your local farms @AgriliciousSPC


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Author : Keith Liles

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