Tastefora.com – Recipe sharing in web 2.0 style

Tastefora.comDo you love to cook? If you have ever looked at websites that offer recipes, you know how sometimes a recipe can seem good but when you make it, the result is disastrous. Now with Tastefora you avoid that problem because you can see what other people thought about the recipe.

Tasteforo is a great site for sharing and discovering new recipes. It allows users to submit their favorite recipes, and then there is a rating system to vote on what are the best recipes. This system means that you rely on other site users to help you decide which recipe is worth trying. You have your own profile and you can save recipes you like, and if you find a user who has great recipes you can see more listings from that person.

Tastefora.com In Their Own Words

“Tastefora is a recipe sharing site based around networking with friends and other people around the world. Cooking and recipes should be shared and tastefora lets you share and find recipes and friends.”

Why Tastefora.com It Might Be A Killer

Tastefora uses an attractive and simple user-rating blog format that has been proven to work in the web 2.0 world. It already has a very complete selection of recipes on the site.

Some Questions About Tastefora.com

It’s great that Tastefora allows people to upload pictures of the recipes, but most users neglect to do it, and it looks awkward. Tastefora.com