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Taskless.Appspot.comSelf-touted as “The Sticky notes web application”, Taskless is a solution that will let you set up reminders and place them on your personalized taskless site. This way, those who spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens will assure that no deadline will catch them off-guard again.


Taskless can be used by way of your existing Google Account, or by registering and creating a Taskless account of your own. Note that the former has the distinct advantage of letting you insert notes on Google Calendar, and a second calendar (that goes by the name of this application) will be duly created.

Some features that can be mentioned include the ability to drag and drop URLs for a new note to be created, and the option to include tags on any note. These can also be highlighted using colors you can preset.

All that you require to run Taskless is a modern web browser. There are no fees to be paid, so that you can easily get started if you have a tendency to forget important dates, and think it is about time you did something to rectify the situation. In Their Own Words

“Taskless is a free web application. Write little sticky notes and place them on your personal taskless site. Taskless is still beta and currently in development – so things can change. Taskless works best in a modern browser, like FireFox, Safari or WebKit.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who have a tendency to forget things will find such a solution appealing.

Some Questions About

How will the project evolve? Which updates have already been planned?

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