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Task.fmSelf-touted as “the world’s simplest reminder app”, employs semantic technology in order to transform human speech into automatic reminders.


These are sent mainly as text messages, but phone and e-mail reminders are likewise accounted for.

The technology itself is quite interesting, as it processes information in the way a person does, and (theoretically speaking) it should work in languages other than English provided the user does not employ words like “noon”, “dusk” and “midday”. It is the dates themselves that count, and these are universal.

Each reminder that you create is delivered for free, but there is a cost for SMS and phone call messages. That does not apply when it comes to e-mails, obviously.

To me, phone reminders are the most interesting out of the provided ones. They are rendered into voice from the original text and they can be used as wakeup calls and even excuses to get out of a meeting.

In order to use this service, an account must be created beforehand. The one aspect that merits a mention is that you must provide your SMS reminder number, but you don’t need to worry about the country code – the company itself takes care of that. In Their Own Words

“The world’s simplest reminder app. uses semantic technology to translate human speak into a very handy reminder. For example enter ‘meeting with Jack next Tuesday at noon’ and will recognize the date, time, event and will remind you automatically.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Once bitten, twice shy. Those looking into never bypassing important dates again will put it to good use.

Some Questions About

How can I find out which fees apply in my country?

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