Connect With People Around The World On Taptrip

Have you ever wanted to take a peek into people’s lives from around the world? Have you found yourself thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what teenagers in Japan do…” or “What do the streets of Thailand look like?” Ideally, of course, you’d like to travel in order to answer those questions – but if international flights just aren’t in the budget this year, check out Taptrip for a look at people’s lives around the world.


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Taptrip is a free social network app that helps you connect with people from around the world, via pictures. The layout is simple, with each of the 250 countries and regions getting a row of images right on the homepage. You can scroll through them to get a general picture of what people are up to around the world, or you can click on country, region, or picture to get a closer view.


Registered users not only get to see other people’s photos, but can actually comment on them and interact. People are currently using Taptrip’s commenting feature to connect with people around the world, people way outside of their normal networks who they would never be exposed to otherwise.


And while browsing photos by region or country is cool enough, Taptrip has the added feature of letting you check out the photos of just one person. So if you’re digging what someone is posting, just click on their avatar and you’ll be brought to their profile, which includes more information about them as well as a stream of all of their photos. Oh, the app also automatically translates 17 languages, making it easier than ever before to talk to people around the world.


Taptrip is available as a web app but also for Google Play. If you’re looking to learn more about the world — and connect with new people — join the more than 4 million people already using it. It’s way cheaper than a plane ticket, right?


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