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Tapptics.comYou know that if you want to build an application of your very own, there are just lots and lots of files and resources that you could actually use to save time and effort, and to ensure that the finished app is going to run without glitches the first time around. Everybody knows as much, but not everybody knows exactly where to look for the best of such free stuff. There are just too many sites available to really know which are the ones you should make a beeline for. Better to take a different route, and try something like Tapptics instead.

Tapptics stands as a membership site that features a rich bank of customizable icons and templates for iPhone, iPad and Android apps. And the site also has lots of tutorials for those who want to learn how to get the job done right themselves.

Two different subscriptions are actually available, with one basically catering for individuals who are just getting started or who have very specific needs, and another for full-on developers. The former costs $ 97, the latter $ 197. And there is also an agency pack that costs $ 597, and that can support up to 5 different users at the same time.

Tapptics.com In Their Own Words

Training and tools for building your killer app!

Why Tapptics.com It Might Be A Killer

Time-challenged developers who have better things to do than to design icons and menus will find it a truly valuable resource.

Some Questions About Tapptics.com

What other advantages has the Agency pack got? Tapptics.com