TapirGo.com – Make Your Blog Searchable

TapirGo.comTapir is a new web service for those who have a blog made out of static pages, and who want to turn it into something at least more dynamic. Well, Tapir will let them do that by adding a search engine to it.

The way Tapir works is certainly commendable, as it will let them do such a thing quickly, easily and at just no cost. All that the person has to do is to supply the URL of his blog for a token to be returned. This token can then be used with the Tapir API in order to have a search box deployed into the blog.

That will be it. All the content that you post to your blog from that point onwards will be indexed every 15 minutes. And old articles will also be indexed, and become findable by your every visitor. That is, provided such articles are included on your RSS feed. If they are not there, then Tapir has no way of indexing them. But leaving that aside, the application is flawless in terms of overall execution.

TapirGo.com In Their Own Words

Do you have a blog made out of static pages? Do you want to add search to it? Look no further and let Tapir handle it!

Why TapirGo.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let people who have blogs that are somehow static give them a touch of dynamicity.

Some Questions About TapirGo.com

Will Tapir ever be able to index what is not on your RSS feed? TapirGo.com