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A very popular American chain of fast food restaurants, Wendy’s is visited by thousands of locals and tourists every year. It was started in Ohio in 1969, and it currently ranks as the third most successful fast food restaurant in the country, right after McDonald’s and Burger’s King’s. And if you ever grab anything to eat at Wendy’s, then you’ll be able to fill a customer satisfaction survey on this page, and get a coupon in return for your time.

This survey is available in English, Spanish and French; the first thing you’ll do on is to you pick your language. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken to a page where you’re asked to submit your receipt number, along with the date that’s printed on it, and the amount of your actual purchase.

By providing all that information and your e-mail address, you’ll be taken to the survey itself. Completing it won’t take you more than four or five minutes, and once it’s over you’ll get a coupon via e-mail, to use the next time you are at Wendy’s.

And if you don’t have an email address and you want to fill one of these surveys, then that can be easily solved. You can complete the survey by calling the toll-free number located on your receipt is also the site you can turn to if you have some questions or comments to make. Just click on the “Question/Comment” button that’s displayed at the bottom of the page you can see once you have chosen your language, and you’ll get to say or ask whatever you want.