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Talis.comTalis is as old as the internet. Actually, it’s older; it was established in 1969 which makes it a seeming dinosaur in the realm of all things internet.


However, this tech company has made a true go of it with Talis v. 2.0. This version focuses on data management. It’s a semantic application which means it tries to find meanings of text and data and then it applies these meanings to their use for you, the end-user. The Talis platform acts as a soup-ed up storehouse of unstructured data. There platform works well with libraries and universities. Once it’s sorted and stored, the data can be retrieved from what are referred to as stores at any point The data is accessed online using metadata. High power search filters and advanced indexing technologies find relevant data. Talis encourages collaboration. The data stored can be made available to share, reuse, and remix. Talis does the data-mining for you, so you can focus on creating. In Their Own Words

“Driven by a vision of the convergence of social, technical and economic waves of disruption, Talis have created an environment for building next generation applications and services. The Talis Platform enables innovative applications that learn from and assist their users to be created by any software developer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Talis is appealing for a number of reasons. It lets you create while Talis handles the hardwork. It can be used to merge countless bits of data and make them useful. It’s a virtual library of Alexandria, and that is hard to beat.

Some Questions About

What is metadata? What is it good for? Talis can seem hard to bend the mind around. It’s foray into Web 2.0 is brave, but the design of the website seems to be stuck in a stodgy library somewhere on the outskirts of the web.

Author : Bruce Turner

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