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TakeFiveApp.comIf you are a bit like me, listening to music is an integral part of working. It energizes you, it relaxes you. It gives you a reason to shuffle your feet enthusiastically while you are doing something that is actually far from enjoyable.

But sometimes you have to pause it. Somebody talks to you, the phone rings, you have to tend to something else… And when that happens, it is not really uncommon to forget turning the music back on immediately. And before you know, the best part of the afternoon has elapsed.

Well, Take Five is a new app that comes along to ensure the music is never stopping for longer than it should. This is accomplished by letting you set down an interval after which the music will start playing again. This can range from one to thirty minutes, and you can modify it as much as you like as you go along.

Take Five can currently be bough at the Mac App Store for $ 3.99, and a version for iOS is already available too. The one music service that is supported right is iTunes, so that if you use something like Rdio then you will either have to make a switch or wait until a new version of the app is released.

TakeFiveApp.com In Their Own Words

Your music can only wait so long.

Why TakeFiveApp.com It Might Be A Killer

Any music lover can tell you how suitable something like this is – the times one ends up sitting with his headphones on and just no music is nothing short of unbelievable.

Some Questions About TakeFiveApp.com

Which music services are going to be supported next? TakeFiveApp.com