Take Expense Management to the Cloud with Fyle

Having a streamlined expense management and reporting system is vital to the success of any company, especially because mistakes here can often be costly. That’s why plenty of businesses, both small and large, have ditched manual expense management in recent years and instead have begun to incorporate software and online applications to help manage their expenses for them.

This is a great step forward, but the reality is that many of these platforms fall short of a next-generation solution. Whether because they’re too difficult for employees to use, or because they lock you into an unfavorable contract, businesses are still struggling to build the best expense management system that is easy-to-use, cost-effective, flexible and highly-efficient.

Now, thanks to Fyle, businesses can bring their expense management to the 21st century. Fyle automates all pre-accounting processes while offering incredible control and ease-of-use to

employees and finance teams alike. With Fyle, businesses can adopt an entirely automated, real-time and paperless reporting process that increases project spend efficiency, enhances the employee experience and increases compliance and control.

For even more ease-of-use and flexibility, Fyle directly integrates with your favorite accounting software. Be it Quickbooks Online, NetSuite, or Sage Intacct, Fyle communicates with the software of your choice to move all data around employees, receipts, expenses, reports, approvals, payments, cards, compliance and audit in and out in a highly secure, customizable format.

Backed by some of the leading Venture Capital firms like Tiger Global and Steadview Capital, Fyle launched in the US nearly two years ago and now serves over 300 customers across 83 different countries. To-date, Fyle has detected over 150K policy violations, has seen over $3M in expenses claimed and $59M in reimbursements. Whether you need help resolving an issue or setting up a new feature, the Fyle team is always on standby with 24/7 customer support.

Fyle has an entire suite of features each designed to help your company meet its expense management goals:

Eliminate overhead costs: Fyle gives you a bird’s eye view of spending and budgeting with a unified expense dashboard. Configure budgets, set time limits for allowable business expenses, receive spending alerts and more.

Automate expense policy compliance: Get detailed digital audit-trails for all business expenses and expense reports, catch expense fraud with real-time policy checks and be audit-ready with centralized storage of all billables, expense receipts and reimbursable expenses.  

Control everything business expenses: Capture granular-level expense information with custom fields, and configure all information related to your employees and expenses.

Timely expense reimbursements: Fyle offers seamless ACH payments with no hassle. Effortlessly track all of your expense transactions, download bank-friendly exports, schedule and automate email reminders and keep your employees in the loop without any manual effort.

Approve expenses automatically: Configure and automate custom expense approval workflows, escalate approvals for violated expenses and expense reports and integrate preferred HRMS and update employee and approver information from Fyle.

Interested? Fyle is the next generation of expense management software. Visit them at https://www.fylehq.com/ to learn more.