Having A Rough Day? Take A Five

Today’s Killer Startup: Take a five


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Elevator Pitch:

Take a five opens a tab that self-destructs in a set amount of time, limiting your distractions.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

So here’s a fact that will surprise exactly no one: The internet is full of distractions. Whether it’s adorable kittens doing adorable things or click-bait articles or epic photo shoots of beautiful landscapes or chat with our friends on one of our 8 million chat apps, it can be really hard to stay focused online.


And there about a million services for helping you stay focused, but what about ones for managing your distractions?


Take a five does exactly that. Instead of blocking all of your favorite sites, Take a five time boxes the amount of time you spend on them. When you’re ready for a break, just open Take a five and click on the amount of time you want for your break: two minutes, five minutes, or a custom amount of time. A new tab will open, where you’ll have a choice of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Netflix, HN, Quora, Product Hunt, “Article of the Day,” “Game of the Day,” or the “Video of the Day.” Take a five will connect you to your choice, but the tab self-destructs after your chosen amount of time – giving you a great reminder that it’s time to get back to more productive things.


(Like kitten videos, obvs.)


No, but for real though. Just like the key to a good diet is the occasional “cheat day,” the key to productivity is the occasional break. Don’t let those “breaks” become the majority of your time, though — those kittens will still be there when you get back, I promise. Instead? Take a five.



Don’t let distractions take over your day. #TakeAFive #productivity #productivityhacks


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