TailoredMusic.com – The Sound of Love: Songs

TailoredMusic.comGotten in a tiff with your beloved lately? Why not try and patch things up with the gift of music? That’s right, now you can custom order a love song for your honey with TailoredMusic.com.

The site features professional singers, song writers, and audio engineers, so your song will sound like a million. You pick the song, customize the lyrics and Tailored will do the rest. Of course if you like what you hear, you don’t have to change anything. Your order will include a mastered 16bit 44.1Khz stereo file delivered in both CD and compressed MP3 format. Most songs take between one and two weeks to record. The cost can run you any where from $99 to $300, but rest assured the look on your darling’s face will be priceless.

TailoredMusic.com In Their Own Words

“Have you ever wished that you could write your own love song for that special someone in your life? TailoredMusic.com enables everyone to create their own personalized love song with the confidence and finesse of an experienced songwriter.
TailoredMusic.com is a group of professional musicians dedicated to helping you to create the ultimate romantic gift: the gift of custom-tailored music.”

Why TailoredMusic.com It Might Be A Killer

Customized love songs. Although somewhat on the cheesy side, it’s a solid idea. Instead of crooning to your lover from below the balcony, why not send him/her a tailored love song? This stuff is professional quality. It’s a gift that will last and last.

Some Questions About TailoredMusic.com

Aren’t the prices rather steep? Who would actually order this? It’s rather tacky. What about quality?