Tagsum.com – Social Networking and News Aggregator


Tagsum.comTagSum is a news aggregator site that takes Digg to the next level. The web site not only includes user-submitted and user-rated articles, but it is also a social networking site.

Most importantly, the site centers around the tags associated with uploaded content. Submitted articles are tagged by the user, searches are conducted around tags, and TagSum believes that any member can become the go-to expert in a certain tagged field. TagSum brings the concept of tags to the social networking portion of the site as well, and encourages users to tag personal information so they can find members with similar interests.

Tagsum.com In Their Own Words

“TagSum aims to revolutionize the way you search for things and interact with people on the internet. Tags are the concept that makes TagSum so unique as they are basically keywords or phrases that describe an element but by tagging items on the site, searching on TagSum is made easier and results are more relevant.”

Why Tagsum.com It Might Be A Killer

TagSum’s approach to categorization and search sets it apart from similar websites. It also has monthly contests to ensure that users will continue to rate and provide content.

Some Questions About Tagsum.com

Does the emphasis on social networking dilute the capabilities associated with tagging? The association between social networking and tagging seems to be weaker than that with news aggregation, but the importance placed on social networking is equal to that of uploaded content. Tagsum.com