Share, Really Share, Your Interests On TagsChat

Meeting people that share interests is one of life’s greatest pleasures, because family and friends – no matter how much they love and support us – don’t always relate to us entirely. We each have passions that not everyone around us appreciates, which can make life frustrating and lonely.


So far, online social networks have had limited success in helping us discover people with shared interests. Relationships are built around existing connections. Or, if common interests bring people together, interaction is limited to publishing and commenting – exchanges that aren’t really social and that don’t foster genuine bonds. If we’re honest, most of us would probably admit to spending far more time talking at one another than with each other.


More Conversation Please

TagsChat wants us to have a space online where we can truly talk about the things that matter most to us. TagsChat is an interest-based social network that keeps the focus on people and conversations.



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Free to join, individuals complete a quick profile. They select tags that match their interests. TagsChat members then use tags to find other members online that have common interests – and begin chatting.


The idea is to break away from what now looks traditional: a newsfeed that people comment on or post updates to – responding to a wall by publishing rather than by taking the time to actually talk to one another. Instead of marking content, tags serve as topics that initiate chats.


Founder Matteo Frana adds, “I think that being in the same place and sharing common interests makes strangers less strangers. And I think chat helps here, because being behind a screen in some way helps with taking off the shell that we wear everyday to protect ourselves, and helps us be more sincere and authentic.”


Chat Is More Social

It’s easy to be a voyeur on sites like Facebook or Twitter. You don’t need to engage at all if you don’t want to. TagsChat requires participation. This means putting forth a little more effort, but promises the much greater rewards of building dynamic relationships and enjoying live, back and forth exchanges – far more exciting, for example, than the passive gesture of clicking “like.”



Another benefit of TagsChat is that it facilitates connections of great variety, no matter what subject turns you on… TagsChat may become a good place to spark romance, because the openness of the platform makes beginning a conversation less contrived – perhaps less overloaded with expectation – than a dating site per se.


However, there’s plenty of nonromantic intimacy to be found on TagsChat. The point of the site is to allow everyone to connect more meaningfully. TagsChat isn’t hitched to any particular motivation or theme. With enough active members, you can find some one to share your interests and to chat with live, regardless if you’re an obsessive technology follower, an avid gamer, jazz fiend, wine connoisseur, or animal lover, etc.



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Want to meet new friends and start chatting about your shared interests? Request early access to TagsChat at to become truly social online, talking freely and spontaneously again.


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