Tagplay Makes It Possible For Your Site To Be Synced To Your Social Media, Always


Today’s Killer Startup: Tagplay


Elevator Pitch:

Tagplay lets you instantly update your website via your social media accounts.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

These days, it’s not enough for a company to just have a website. You also have to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a presence on Instagram, just to name a few necessary social media accounts. You have to make sure that your company has a strong presence anywhere that your customers might find you — and you have to make sure that all of those properties are kept up to date.


But, let’s be real: Who has time to make sure that everything is the same across all of their various sites and profiles? I definitely don’t, and I’m not even running a business; I’m just a blogger with a lot of different jobs.


That’s where Tagplay comes in. Tagplay makes it easy to ensure that your website is showing the same information that your social media accounts are presenting to the world. For example, with Tagplay you can update the description of your company just by updating the description on your Facebook page. Or if you’re a company that frequently changes what you offer, then you can set it up sot that a hashtag on Twitter or FB syncs up to a spot on your page that will show the same information. The example that Tagplay gives in their demo is of a restaurant tweeting “#mealoftheday Grilled Arctic Char with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary” and then having it show up directly on their website.


Beyond just nuts-and-bolts info for your site, you can also use Tagplay to utilize what your customers are saying about your company. Set it up so that specific tags related to your company on Instagram, for example, are pulled into a feed on your site. You can also moderate which posts actually end up on the homepage, keeping you safe from Twitter pranksters and the inevitable occasional disgruntled customer.


So stop spending so much time making sure that all of your sites align. Get Tagplay and rest assured that it’s all gravy, baby.



You’re spending waaaaay too much time on updating your sites. Let @Tagplayco take care of it for you.


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