TAGOMobile.com – Generate QR Codes

TAGOMobile.comLooking for a functional way to create QR codes, and analyze the efficacy of any marketing campaign that relies on them? Well, if that is the case then this is a site that will most likely have all your needs covered. TAGO stands as a platform for the creation, deployment and tracking of 2D barcodes. This is accomplished via a detailed set of analytics that highlight the hits and the misses of just any campaign.

Besides, users of the services provided by this company are allowed to organize all the codes that they have created, and modify them as much as they want later on. In this way, adapting existing codes to current campaign needs is all the more instant.

There are three different paid versions of TAGO available (Individual, Professional and Enterprise) and a free plan that will let you generate and track up to 5 separate codes across one single campaign. And note that all paid plans can be tried for free during 30 days, too.

TAGOMobile.com In Their Own Words

The leading 2D barcode solution platform offers advanced analytics and easy to use functionality for any professional or individual.

Why TAGOMobile.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a powerful way to create QR-based marketing campaigns, and to track their effectiveness once they are up and running.

Some Questions About TAGOMobile.com

How many codes can you track if you go for the enterprise edition of TAGO? TAGOMobile.com