TagNotifier.com – Know When People Are Tagged

TagNotifier.comThe kind of service that is simple and yet incredibly handy, Tag Notifier is going to put an end to these “Hey! Who’s that cutie!?” questions that grip us when we are checking our friends’ photos on Facebook, and we come across good-looking people that have not been tagged. Well, Tag Notifier is going to turn that into a thing of the past. As its name so aptly suggests, it is an application that can take care of letting you know whenever any person who is untagged on any photo you ever see on Facebook finally receives a tag of his/her very own.

This service is provided at zero cost. You just grant Tag Notifier permission to access your Facebook account, and individualize these photos with people you want to have identified by copying and pasting their URLs into Tag Notifier. That’ll be it. You’ll be sent an email whenever new tags are added to any of these. Romancing on Facebook has just become a whole lot easier…

Your friend uploaded a picture with someone cute, and you want to know who they are, but they are not tagged yet.

TagNotifier.com In Their Own Words

We’ll let you know when someone is tagged!

Some Questions About TagNotifier.com

What about letting you know when people in specific parts of photos are tagged, instead of sending you a generic notification when any new tag has been added to an image? TagNotifier.com