Your Laptop Will Definitely Be The Coolest With Glowing Stickers From tabtag

Today’s Killer Startup: tabtag


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Elevator Pitch:

tabtag makes cool stickers that use the apple on your Macbook as a light source.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

While I freely admit that I”m one of those people who gets a geek boner from Apple’s sexy, sleek designs, I’m also all about changing things up sometimes and adding a little personality to my devices. That’s what phone cases are all about, right? (I mean, besides protecting your phone, which is also super important when you’re a wicked klutz, like me.)


While startup and incubator stickers are definitely the crowd faves for decorating laptops, something about them always makes me think of the longboard I rode around in high school. They feel a little… haphazard? Juvenile? I don’t know what it is, but I do know that I don’t really like them.


I do, however, really like tabtag’s stickers. These innovative little guys go right over that glowing Apple on your computer and utilize the light that comes out of it to guarantee that people will be doing double takes when they walk by your work station. They have glowing Buddhas, one that switches from saying “off” to “on” when you turn on your computer, a piece of maki, a rain cloud, a cat’s face… And that’s just to name a few. They’re fun, cute, stylish, and are not quite as dorky as those startup/incubator stickers.


They also make me think of all of the clumsy ways that TV shows and movies cover up the apple on people’s computers because they’re not getting paid by the company to display their goods, even though we all know what that silver laptop is, CSI. Perhaps that’s a whole other market tabtag could explore? They’re definitely cooler than gaffer tape.



Make your laptop stand out from the crowd with an awesome glowing sticker from @tabtags


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