– Buy/Sell Restaurant Reservations

TableXchange.comTaking the online reservation system to a new level, TableXchange allows people to buy and sell table reservations to each other in the marketplace, focusing on the most hip and exclusive restaurants in New York and the Hamptons. As a buyer, you simply browse the site, purchase the reservation you want and then call the restaurant to confirm your table (probably the most annoying part of the process).

For the seller, you set up an account through the site with Paypal and post, receiving the fee if it is sold prior to three hours before the reservation. In Their Own Words

“TableXchange is the only marketplace where users can both buy and sell reservations to the most sought after restaurants, even those that are otherwise ‘fully booked’.

We are the first interactive site where supply and demand for reservations is generated solely by the community. Registered members can browse the selection of currently available reservations or post their own for a quick and easy sale. We provide the TableXchange community a reliable forum for choosing highly sought-after dinner options. All transactions are processed through PayPal(r), one of the most secure payment solutions available.

Remember, when you can’t get one anywhere else there is always a reservation waiting for you at TableXchange!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For the rich but not quite famous, getting a table at the most swank restaurants in New York City can sometimes be nearly impossible. As a result, there is market value to those that garner a reservation. And, if they for some reason can’t make the reservation or if they just want to try and make money from getting one, this site offers them an opportunity to capitalize on that valued asset. It is an innovative and quite ingenious idea; not sure what the restaurants think about it.

Some Questions About

Do the rich really care about taking the time to sell an unused reservation for $25 or is this site really just for the hustler who has some secret system for getting reservations at the toniest locations? Or is it just a way for the restaurants to make some extra cash by selling a reservation? This site is clever, but seems prime for exploitation and swindling. The site could use some customer reviews to demonstrate its legitimacy.