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TabJuice.comYou can’t say that selling products on Facebook is difficult when there are services like TabJuice around – services that allow people who have zero programming knowledge to set up a store, and have all kind of items sold there without having to pay any kind of fees or commissions. These storefronts can be used to list an unlimited number of products, and they can be branded and customized as thoroughly as the user wishes.

Plus, the stores one can open using this service include dashboards with full analytics. Any person who goes for TabJuice can always know where his customers are coming from, and ascertain which kind of promotion is the one that really pays off.

Of course, this isn’t the first ecommerce solution for Facebook that is released. Beetailer, Infused Commerce and StoreYa have all gone this way before, and you can be sure plenty more will see release in the months to come. TabJuice is really configurable, and it’s been designed to be used even by those who have no real technical understanding. That’s certainly a good start. But only time will show which the strongest ecommerce platform for Facebook is. In Their Own Words

Complete E-Commerce solution for Facebook.

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Which kind of items are people selling more frequently through TabJuice-powered stores?