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Tabblr.comTabblr is a marketing platform that lets managers promote their venues in a way that feels like an amalgamation of Groupon, Twitter and Metromix. That is because it makes for the direct conveyance of daily deals to those who are following the venue (IE, keeping tabs on it).

As it is only suitable for a platform of this nature, Tabblr works on mobile devices. Both iOS and Android are supported (and that includes tablets).

Whatever context one wishes to use it, Tabblr always displays the very same information when it is running, namely the deals for that current day, and special emphasis can be put on these businesses that one already likes.

And it is important to mention that Tabblr is a social application. You will be able to share anything that you find with your friends, either because you like it yourself, or because you know that they are going to find it worthwhile themselves. It is all done by sharing it on your stream. In Their Own Words

Keep tabs on things to do right now.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The whole service feels like a fresh take on Groupon, with a spicy seasoning of Twitter and Metromix thrown in for good measure.

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