– Turn Your Feeds Into A Magazine

Tabbloid.comTabbloid is a web-based service that serves one specific purpose: turning all your favorite feeds into a personal magazine that can be read as a PDF document.

The mechanics of the site are actually quite simple.

To begin with, you have to enter as many RSS feeds as you wish. Starting lists are also provided just in case, and these deal with aspects such as “Technology”, “Politics” and “Business”. Then, you must set down the delivery options that suit you best. You can choose the frequency and the time along with the day from a series of provided drop down boxes. Once this has been dealt with, you will receive the print-ready PDF at the frequency you have just stipulated.

This service is not only practical and easy to implement, but it is actually rendered at no cost whatsoever. In addition to that, there is no registration process to be complied with – you simply follow the “Get started” link which is featured and set down the aforementioned criteria. In Their Own Words

“Turn your favorite feeds into a personal magazine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does what it sets out to do in a practical and inexpensive manner.

Some Questions About

Is the service completely web-hosted or do you have to install anything?