– Using Smartphones To Pay Bar Tabs

TabbedOut.comTabbedOut is anew mobile application that is available both for those who have an iPhone or an Android. In essence, it aims to simplify the process of paying bar tabs by letting participating bars grab payments directly from the customer’s phone.

That is, the customer can forget about paying the tab – the money will be deducted using a code that has been attributed to him.

The way it all works, when a user of TabbedOut sets foot in a bar he can proceed to locate the venue in the app by way of his mobile’s GPS. If the bar is indeed a participating bar, you will be capable of opening a tab with the app, and each and every drink you order will be registered and kept track of. When you have finished drinking, you will be able to enter a tip percentage and close the tab by merely tapping a button.

The app only displays the last four number of your credit card onscreen, and the site’s main goal is prevent those who have had a drink too many leave their cards lying around when its time to pay. As a matter of fact, the app even warns you if the tip percentage you have chosen is outrageously high. In Their Own Words

“The quickest, most secure, and fun way to open and close a tab.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an incredibly practical app in the sense that it will keep you from disclosing information as sensitive as your credit card number when you have had one drink too many.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles be eventually supported as well?