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Taap.itThere is something incredibly romantic and quixotic about Craigslist, but for the newest breed of Internet users such a thing might not be enough. They want a site that is usable above everything else, and Craigslist is not really a site whose design goes into ensuring a superior user experience. Take the way in which ads are actually posted. That is done today mostly as it was done five years before. There is so many ways in which that could be enhanced. Imagine (for example) how cool it would be to post classifieds straight from your mobile. That would save you a lot of time and headaches. And that becomes evident when one uses this new mobile app.


Named, it enables you to post classifieds in a way as streamlined as taking a photo of them with your phone, adding a description of the item in question and then sending it to other users who are nearby. If they like what you have posted, then they can contact you straightaway. is practicality in itself. It really makes me wonder how far Craigslist could be taken as a service. Oh, and in addition to letting you share you ads with other users of, you can have them spread both through Facebook and Twitter. Practicality in itself, and no mistaking. In Their Own Words – a simple, fast and fun mobile app that lets you create instant classified ads right from your phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables iPhone and Android users to do something no other app enables them to do: post classified ads straight from their smartphones.

Some Questions About

Will more mobiles be supported later on?

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