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The Old Ways Of Handling Garbage? Yeah, They Stink. T2 Environmental Offers Something New

The thing about garbage is that… well, it’s garbage. Most of us don’t care to spend too long looking at it or dealing with it, so we shove it away as fast as possible and move on to other things. Until it becomes a massive, unavoidable, expensive mess to clean up.


Two very good reasons for businesses to take a proactive approach to finding smarter waste management solutions: we should all do our part to go easier on our environment, and we can save both money and headaches.


And since waste management and recycling services aren’t exactly most businesses primary concerns, all the more reason to have a look at T2 Environmental.


T2 Environmental is an Australian waste management and commercial cleaning company. They help others implement green solutions that lead to financial savings. Since they don’t own any trucks or landfill sites themselves, they work with local contractors to deliver more custom solutions. At the same time, because they aren’t tied to any particular organization, they have flexibility to be creative and adaptable – and they keep costs down by avoiding any restrictive contracts.


T2 environmental landing


Basically, T2 Environmental is like a special ops team that can assesses each client’s needs individually and finds cost-cutting, greener solutions for taking out the trash. The company also simplifies matters tremendously for clients by providing a single itemized invoice for all services rendered. Whereas a company might work with 5 separate service providers (and spend lots of time on the phone and trying to keep bills and accounting straight), T2 Environmental handles all the logistics so that clients only need to interact with them.


As organizations grow in size, the savings from enlisting centralized waste management and cleaning services become even greater. T2 Environmental saves time and hassles. Plus, everyone that works with them – retail groups, local offices, restaurants, schools, cafés – can feel good about reducing their carbon footprint by working with a locally focused, forward-thinking outfit that pushes for green solutions.


According to the website:

“Our mission is to become the most ethical, environmental and customer-focused facilities management business in Australia. We plan to achieve this within a business culture of dignity and respect for both customers and suppliers. With a belief that “zero landfill” is a realistic goal, T2 harnesses innovative technologies and provides integrated and cost-effective, cleaning, waste management and recycling services for Australia businesses.”


Zero landfill. How exciting as that?


So, with T2 Environmental you can streamline your waste management and cleaning processes, eliminate the need to work with multiple contractors, simplify accounting down to one monthly bill, and implement eco friendly practices. All while saving money!


Can we all move to Australia? Have a closer look at this innovative outfit, or call on them for help if your business operates anywhere down under, through


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