At Last, SynVero Makes The Stock Market Easy To View

Who wouldn’t like the stock market to behave exactly as they’d anticipated?


Everyone, right! And it can happen. That’s not to say that you can turn yourself into a billionaire with one stock purchase. However, you can find the stocks that match your criteria, stay on top of changes in the market, and test your investing strategy so that you can trade with confidence.


The tool that will let you screen stocks to suit your investment plans is called SynVero. SynVero is a “powerful stock screener, backtesting and trade simulator.”


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First off, SynVero makes finding the right stocks for your portfolio much easier. Starting from 15,000 financial securities, you can winnow them down to precisely what you’re hunting for. As long as you have an SynVero account, you can save your criteria for future searches. Organize filters in whatever way makes the most sense for you – according to monthly performance, yearly performance, specific high or low thresholds, etc.


You can also set SynVero to automatically notify you when matches that fit your criteria appear. Save yourself the time – and anxiety – of constantly monitoring the market, by letting SynVero keep track for you. The system is designed to make searching easy and filters flexible enough to accommodate different interests.


Though not a broker or financial adviser, SynVero does give individual investors access to financial fundamentals from SEC 10-Q forms and professional analyst recommendations. Account holders can backtest the personal criteria they create using historical market data, to test the soundness of their judgment. What’s more, SynVero also lets you practice trading against past results.


Bottom line, you can simulate trade to see how you’d perform before risking your money. When you do choose to trade, you can do so with greater confidence, making choices based on technical indicators. Most of us rely on word-of-mouth, brokers, or worse – instincts – to invest. We either pay others to help us or we make decisions with less than perfect understanding of the risks and reasoning behind our investments.


SynVero gives individuals greater control when screening stocks and improved insights backed by numbers. It doesn’t appear on any of the listings, but peace of mind is the one stock everyone could use more of when it comes to investing. Gain a better handle on market activity, so you no longer feel like you’re merely swept up in the wave. Test and refine your investment strategy with SynVero.


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