– An Aspirational Networking Platform


Syntraxis.comSyntraxis has built an integrated web platform called Synergy Matrix that helps learners excel through non-traditional and informal learning channels, resulting in maximizing their potential in higher education through career life cycle.

Syntraxis” comprehensive solution extends social networking and helps in developing and enhancing competitive skill-sets and reflexes of the learners who want to emerge victorious by surpassing their individual as well as organizational objectives.

It promotes powerful and dynamic communities capable of achieving results and business performance through active collaborations, learning and competitions. In Their Own Words

Syntraxis is on a mission to provide innovative and practical online collaboration and knowledge management solution to facilitate Aspirational Networking among learners and create sustained value for its stakeholders. We are pioneers in the concept of “Aspirational Networking”. Syntraxis predicts that “Purposeful Communities” offer the next step in the spontaneous evolution of Social Networks. We provide sophisticated collaborative platform to build purposeful and focused community where participants share aspirational objectives related to education and career – therefore providing a heightened motivation to log-on and participate. Consequently, the relationships are far more meaningful, strong and sustaining, than those created by social networks.

Syntraxis’ platform is scalable, modular, extensible and SaaS deliverable. It can be customized and white-labeled to provide high value plug-ins to Healthcare, Finance, Hi-Tec, Entertainment and existing social networks with very little efforts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although extremely popular, the Social Networking sites are drawing increasing flak around spam, legal issues, pornography, unwanted contacts and lack of focus. The hello, hi and generic comments, pictures or colorful backgrounds on the blog pages do not offer much value for relatively serious internet users.

Syntraxis is a pioneer in the concept of ‘Aspirational Networking’. The key word is ‘Aspiration” because purposeful communities are aspirational and in such an environment, portals clearly understand what their customers aspire to. Such communities are going to offer unique marketing and monetization opportunities to brands that recognize the community needs and understand their customer closer than ever before.

The solution can be a high value plug-in to any existing social networks or for organizational learning in multiple sectors. It complements the existing systems rather than creating any conflicts. The vertical portal empowers the users and make the engagement model as the primary means for the growth of the aspirational community.

Some Questions About

Syntraxis is about to release a white paper on “Aspirational Networking”. Date is unknown? (Target is early July). How big are there technology show cases for India and USA: