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Synopit.comWe all come across articles that seem interesting while surfing the Net, yet the length quite often prevents us from delving into them. You should make a point of keeping this site in mind if that ever happens again.

Essentially, Synopit will empower you to carry a search for summaries that have been created for that very same article, and if any are found you will be able to see the most important takeaways from the article.

On the other hand, if no summary is found you can choose to be notified through e-mail when one surfaces by signing up. Moreover, you are given the option to create a summary yourself if you think you are skilled enough to do that, and wish to make a contribution to the cause.

In final place, a bookmarklet is included for you to save time and have immediate access to the services offered by Synopit from your preferred browser, and having access to summaries on the spot. Needless to say, if you find the whole premise appealing installing it is mandatory. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever come across what seemed like a very interesting article but just didn’t have time to read it in full, only to bookmark it away and never return to it? What if you could get the most important bits of information out of the article without having to spend the time reading it? Let’s face it: with the rise of social bookmarking there is more great content out there than we can possibly consume and it is getting worse. Why lose out on valuable information simply because you have other more important priorities? We created Synopit to be the answer to this problem. It is a wiki-style repository containing summaries of popular news and information articles. Anyone can contribute to it and everyone can benefit from it. The main focus is ease of use. By installing the Synopit bookmarklet you can quickly view the synopsis of an article or contribute one if none exists. By contributing, you’re not only helping others but by encapsulating an article into main points you engage the content more fully (not to mention you get the credit).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bearing in mind the ever-widening number of interesting contents on the Web, such a service is more than helpful.

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How many summaries are already part of the database?