Synap – It’s Time To Get Smart About Seeing Your Customers

While it might be understandable that a client wrote five members of your team with the same question – which, not knowing this, they all took upon themselves to answer – that doesn’t make it tolerable.


Customer-facing teams and employees have a number of ways to interact with customers – emails, support tickets, and sales calls, to name just a few. Not to mention, a company might well use an array of apps to communicate with one another about customers and to store client information. It’s a real challenge to see into customer interactions clearly and build coherent relationships.


And that’s why there’s Synap. Synap is “relationship intelligence software that organizes your company’s customer interactions in one place. Automatically.”




Acting like a central nervous system for customer relationships, the Synap platform pulls data from across tools like Gmail and Zendesk to provide a holistic view of customer interactions. Synap eliminates the need to hunt across platforms for information because everything is conveniently kept in one place, which also cuts down on  redundant actions thanks to increased visibility into what fellow team members are doing.


Synap approaches customer relationship management from a collaborative angle instead of focusing on sales as CRM tools typically do. If teams can cut out the noise and work together more effectively, serve customers more intelligently, it goes hand in hand that sales results will reflect excellent relationships.


Even better news for account management professionals: the transparency Synap provides requires very little effort. Synap integrates with the most popular tools, such as Gmail, Office 365, Zendesk, Helpscout, Desk, Freshdesk, and Salesforce. Development teams can stay focused on customers, too, because there’s no coding required whatsoever.




Synap adds and organizes contacts automatically. It’s available on desktop and mobile devices. Plus, Synap updates data in real-time, ensuring that everyone works with fresh information.


A trio of B2B technology veterans who spent almost a decade working together at a CRM firm in the financial services industry built Synap after tiring of the problems they faced with other CRM software. To date, they’ve raised $2 million in seed funding to grow the platform.


Synap recently launched, offering a three-tiered pricing structure for small teams, professional users and enterprise users. Sign up at the company’s website,, and take advantage of a free, 14-day trial period without entering any credit card information.


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