– Making For Social Collaboration

Symbyoz.comWe could say that Symbyoz is an online notebook that will allow you to collaborate socially with your friends and colleagues. Those who use it will be able to write down ideas that seem promising, and ensure these won’t be forgotten in a hurry afterwards.

And any idea that is captured is an idea that will be expanded by those who are in your social circle in due time. Everybody will be able to offer his own insight, and opine on the ideas that others have put forth until something bigger (and better) is finally created.

A service like this one is suitable for just everybody, but for some reason informal uses are the ones I associate with it more readily. I can envision groups of friends that have put a band together and are working on their own songs using this service more than a team who works at an office, for example.

You can sign up in a couple of minutes, and you can always log in via Twitter or Facebook in case you aren’t keen on creating an account and adding yet another username and password to the list of the ones you have already memorized. In Their Own Words

“Symbyoz helps capture ideas you want to remember and share feedback and contributions with friends or experts to make things happen.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as tools for collaboration go, this is quite interesting if only because of the whole social flavor that it has.

Some Questions About

How many people can collaborate on the same project at the same time?