– The Simple Start Page

Symbaloo.comSymbaloo is a startpage which consolidates access to links in customizable boxes. A Google search box takes center stage, while surrounding it are links to tools such as wikis, dictionaries and recipes, entertainment: movies, music, tv, lifestyle: restaurants, hotels and second hand, and travel, with tickets, weather and routes.

Clicking on any box brings up another search panel in place of the Google box. There are a number of grey modules which can be customized with your favorite links. You can move them around, delete them, and edit them to suit your purposes. Set up Symbaloo as your default startpage. Use it to refine your searches. It makes for a nice portal with convenient options for surfing the web. In Their Own Words

It is our goal to make symbaloo to easiest start on the internet. It is that simple you could have thought of it yourself… With your feedback, questions and our answers we will build the egg of Columbus for the internet.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Visually, Symbaloo is pleasant on the eyes and has an easy to use streamlined interface. While its main features have to do with searching it could ultimately expand it something like Pageflakes with more functionality. Symbaloo perhaps would work well for less intrepid internet users, who use the web primarily for searching for info or checking email.

Some Questions About

Symbaloo lacks social features. There’s no way to save your settings except on your home computer, so if you’re using a different computer you’re out of luck. It may prove too simple for the likes of some users and there’s plenty of competition.


within short time we’ll offer the possibility to use your personalized symbaloo on any computer, to add tabs and many more.. see: