Swoonxo.com – Social Dating Website

Swoonxo.comHave you had it with traditional dating sites? Are you tired of filling in the same old profile and then sit down and wait for people to email/contact you based on the information you have provided? Well, you are not the only one. The concept of online dating is yet to be adequately updated for these days of social networking. And that is what sites like SwoonXO are here for.

In general, we can say that SwoonXO is a dating site that lets you become immersed in a social setting. That is, rather than putting together profiles and waiting for others to contact them, users of SwoonXO interact in full-on social scenarios. To give you an idea of how involving these are, users can actually buy each other virtual drinks. So, it is all a bit like being at the hottest spot in town, but only that here everything takes place in your computer.

SwoonXO accounts can be created for free. You have to specify where you are located and what your interests are (so that you will be joining the right events), but other than that there is not a lot of information to be disclosed when signing up for a SwoonXO account.

Swoonxo.com In Their Own Words

At SwoonXO you can create a profile and jump right into a Social Mixer where you have the opportunity to mingle and video chat with people you find interesting! Amazing! Fantastic! Insert your own favorably descriptive term!

Why Swoonxo.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a refreshing take on something that has grown a bit stagnated such as online dating.

Some Questions About Swoonxo.com

Which is the age range of the people who use this website? Swoonxo.com