Swivel.com – Tasty Data Goodies and Visualizations

Swivel.comAt Swivel.com, data finds a more interesting location than the typical excel spreadsheet.

Users post data for anyone to analyze in a basic chart, or with comparisons to other data sets on the site. Correlations can be found, commented on, saved, and shared with anything from public school demand in 2006 to developments of the Icelandic population from 1890-1990 to Scott´s weight loss results. The site was created by people who wanted to share their love for data and going “nuts” exploring it with others lacking their power spreadsheet skills.

Swivel.com In Their Own Words

“So, when we say Swivel is a Web site for data we”re talking about those three things:

Why Swivel.com It Might Be A Killer

Everyone loves a colorful graph. Exploring the relationships between various factors and seeing them visualized is a very useful tool for anyone, and with an easy set-up and tags, someone could spend hours curiously testing the correlations between any kind of data sets.

Some Questions About Swivel.com

How will they stand out from Many Eyes, IBM´s version of data storage and visualization? Is the fact data posted is up for public domain going to be a problem in getting people to post their data sets? Swivel.com