KillerStartups – Swiss Trains Get Mapped

SwissTrains.chHere’s an alpha version of a real-time train map. Tracking the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen aka the SBB or the Swiss train system, SwissTrains gives you a glimpse of the trains as they make their way around Zurich and surroundings.

The red circles marked with an S represent the trains, while the red squares make up the stations. Clicking on any station reveals a schedule with arrival and departure times. If you click on a moving train and click follow in the drop down menu, you’ll get a bird’s eye view with satellite images of the train as it traverses the country. Street names and stations are listed as well in the hybrid map view. In Their Own Words

“SBB trains live on Welcome! For all of you visiting this website: this site is still in ALPHA-phase, we keep on developing. The current view is based on the Swiss traintimetable, and does not yet show the actual GPS-positions of the trains. But, as Swiss trains are almost always on time, most of the time the position is accurate.
In the meantime, please help us solving the buglist by mailing me at robert (at) swisstrains (dot) ch .

23.1.20008 – We’re happy to inform you that we will shortly be adding the realtime position of the trains, based on the delay-information on”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a rather cool mapping app. It’s provides a diverting way to check out train routes and schedules. Looks great too.

Some Questions About

Swiss trains are known for being on time. This map really doesn’t provide much extra information. It’s more of a neat diversion. Will anyone really find it useful or worth revisiting?

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