SwingNote Guides Golfers To Their Best Shot Every Time

“Noonan! NNNNNNooooonan!”


Just how solid is your putting game? Does it stand up under the pressure of jeers? Does it fall apart at the edge of the green? Well, if you love golf and you’re keen on improving your swing while having fun, then SwingNote is for you.




SwingNote is a lightweight sensor that screws into the top of your putter. Accompanied by a smartphone app (iOS), SwingNote relays data instantaneously to your phone and provides audio feedback. While you’re swinging.


Unlike having someone tell you how you should be swinging or showing you how to swing, SwingNote works with your swing. It lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, so that you can learn to repeat your best swing practices. SwingNote reinforces the good while helping correct the bad, helping each individual golfer build muscle memory for his or her perfect stroke. And the startup has scientific research to validate that this approach is a more effective way to learn than receiving instruction after the fact.


Swing Note helps golfers find the right club-face angles, downswing with consistent velocity for better distance control, develop consistent backswing control also for improving distance control, and find a consistent stoke tempo so that their game holds up under pressure.



This smart coaching system allows golfers to practice at heir own pace and can provide training for any number of match scenarios. Because Co-founder Jeremy Millers admittedly doesn’t care much for training, SwingNote has also been designed to make training fun. SwingNote gives players a chance to compete against one another from the comfort of their own living rooms or to “play” against the pros in real-time on TV. The app comes loaded with digitized greens so that golfers can practice as if standing on some of the most famous courses in the world.


Just as musicians learn by ear, SwingNote gives golfers the opportunity to learn how “to play your swing by ear.”


Fore! SwingNote has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their production and distribution. They’ve teed off impressively, collecting 20% of their funding goal on the first day of their campaign. Back their efforts and be one of the first to own SwingNote here, or learn more at swingnote.golf.


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