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Swimwire.comIf you are even remotely active in the social web, you are bound to be part of as many social networking sites as a horse as hairs. It is something that can’t be avoided, and the one drawback of that situation is obvious – you will eventually not have enough time to check them all, and some relationships will have to be severed.


A couple of services have cropped up recently in order to deal with that situation, and this one joins that club.

Broadly speaking, it will let you create a single account that can be employed in order to have access to all social sites in a unified manner. Using this service you can effectively keep in touch with your peers as well as receiving updates and making new friends along the way.

As well as bringing together networking sites, this solution can be employed to connect online communities as a whole. That is, any website that has some sort of inherent social aspect is taken into consideration. Consequently, it can be said that the site will cater for more than one internaut out there. In Their Own Words

“The chances are you’ll have an account on several social networking sites, maybe a couple of forums and perhaps a blog. This means you’re going to have many links to tell people about, which can be a hassle and an annoyance! Swimwire solves this problem – Using your Swimwire account, you can connect with friends and link to as many profiles online as you like, using our easy Linking System. This makes it really easy to stay connected wherever you go online!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical solution that can help anybody lead a more organized social life on the WWW.

Some Questions About

What social sites are exactly supported? Which ones will be added as time goes by?

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