SwiftMob.com – Mobilize That Blog

SwiftMob.comSwift is a new tool for quickly creating mobile blogs. All content made on Swift is tailored to fit the tiny screens of all your favorite handheld devices.

Creation is centered around a dovetailed editing tool: you’ve got the actual editor in which you configure your site and input information, and then you have you viewing screen in which you can see all your changes and how they would appear on a mobile screen. You can edit using CSS and add custom headers and footers—Swift will automatically resize your logo to fit a variety of phones. Choose colors using their color picker or input your own hex values. Swift supports RSS feeds and users can pull in other media as well, e.g. photos and real time news headlines. Visitors will be able to check out your newly mobilized site by going to a .swiftmob.com URL. Sign up is free, although pro members can pay $10 to get an ad-free version of the site.

SwiftMob.com In Their Own Words

“Swift is the easiest way to create your very own mobile site. Extend existing content from your website to the mobile world, including news feeds, blog posts, photos and much more. Or, create a custom site to get your message out, extend your brand or share with your friends. Any way you decide to use it, Swift allows you to get a mobile site up and running in minutes.”

Why SwiftMob.com It Might Be A Killer

Swift has a pretty not-too shabby start on its hands. The block like building structure of its editor may appeal to those who like to take things one step at a time. Overall, it has a broad application and users of varying skill level can use it without problem.

Some Questions About SwiftMob.com

Those used to simple all in one editors may not appreciate Swift’s lumbering approach. The fact that you’ve got to fill in all your blog posts in order on a narrow page form may leave some wanting for more. SwiftMob.com