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Want To Know What People Really Think? Find Out How They Sweigh

Your opinion matters.



Don’t let the media hogs lead you to believe otherwise. There are ways to make your voice heard online clearly, carrying as much significance as the word of anybody else.


Meet Sweigh, a social opinion app that lets you weigh in on anything, swaying discussions in the directions that appeal to you rather than following along.



Sweigh landing



Sweigh is fast, easy and fun to use. Pose a question to either the world or your friends, giving them two options to pick from. A quick swipe either left or right allows them to choose. Besides asking your own questions (which you can share through your other social media accounts), you can also search by categories and keywords to find topics that you want to weigh in on.


Is Jon Stewart’s leaving The Daily Show going to tank the program? Will the ceasefire deal reached at the Ukraine summit hold? Sweigh makes it easy to find out what the world thinks about anything, from cultural curiosities to pressing issues.


Anonymous responses and the either-or setup prompt straightforward feedback – no wading through insane commentary or irrelevant posts. So, Sweigh lets you solicit feedback quickly, and to find out exactly what you want to know without all the noise.






Sometimes we need to make quick decisions. We don’t have time to wait for our go-to sources to get back to us. We’re not interested in reading through in-depth analyses. And we can’t rely on Mom’s heavily biased perspective (though we should always accept her input graciously, right?) No, what we want is black or white information we can make use of on the spot – just the kind of results Sweigh gives us.


“Likes” and “Favorites”, when you hold them up for closer scrutiny, other than hinting at a favorable reception, really don’t tell us very much. What’s more, they let us all be pretty lazy, jumping on the bandwagon of whatever is put in front of us. Sweigh doesn’t require any more effort per se, but at least it asks us to make a choice, to be decisive, no matter how light or important the question.


Help settle debates, put questions out there before conversations are hijacked by so-called influencers, take a quick survey without any hassle – Sweigh is a flexible platform that lets you do all of these things. Simply put, it’s “a doorway to what people really think and a chance to impact that thought.”


Find out more at, or download the app from the App Store and Google Play.


Could the demise of Fab have been avoided? Did the latest Grammy winners deserve their awards? Should President Obama receive authorization to attack IS? The options are endless. Have fun asking and weighing in.


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Author : Keith Liles

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