SweetBabyApp.com – Create A Baby Book

SweetBabyApp.comSweetBaby is a new iPad application that will let proud parents celebrate the birth of their children, and set down all the videos and images that go with such a life-defining event.

It is not inaccurate to term SweetBaby a digital scrapbook – users are enabled to combine media of every kind in lots and lots of different ways, and chronicle all the milestones that go with the first years of life of a child. His first birthday, his first steps, the first words he speaks… all that and more can be captured using SweetBaby, and consigned to posterity.

And the fact the app comes with pre-installed pages simply makes for storing everything in a more immediate way. Custom pages can be added, of course, and multiple book covers are available for you to choose the one that lets your little star shine brighter. And it is pivotal to mention that SweetBaby is flexible-enough to accommodate the needs of these couples that have had triplets, or adopted a foreign baby.

SweetBabyApp.com In Their Own Words

Welcoming a new baby into your life is exciting and challenging, both before and after baby arrives. Every day brings new adventures, accomplishments and moments worth cherishing, and Sweet Baby for iPad helps you capture them.

Why SweetBabyApp.com It Might Be A Killer

It is just perfect for capturing the beauty and poignancy that comes with the birth of any baby.

Some Questions About SweetBabyApp.com

Are there apps which compete with this one? Which one has more features? SweetBabyApp.com