Sweat365.com – Working Out Year Round

Sweat365.comWho doesn’t want to be more fit? Especially after the holidays? Sweat365.com is a community where you can record your fitness regimen and learn more about new fitness tips and strategies.

Create a profile and outline your fitness goals for the year. You can keep track of your exercise and diet by using pie graphs. You can keep track of how many hours you work out and the distances your run. Nothing helps you get in shape faster than support and encouragement. At Sweat365.com can make friends with the same objectives of being healthy and fit and you can help each other reach your goals. Look for events to participate in by going to the events section. Keep yourself in shape by sweating 365 days a year at Sweat365.com.

Sweat365.com In Their Own Words

“Sweat 365 is dedicated to supporting your every-day fitness, no matter what your level and no matter what your goals are.

At Sweat 365 you can easily keep track of your workouts, blog about fitness and life, and connect with other athletes. You’ll find training guides for races of all distances, disciplines, and levels of competition. Yes, even walking a race is competing!”

Why Sweat365.com It Might Be A Killer

Sweat365.com has a very catchy domain name. The site has an attractive interface and is very easy to navigate. The charts are a great way for users to visualize their progress in the training log. Users are given many tools to help them record their fitness activities. The forum is a great place for users to communicate and ask questions about the site and fitness.

Some Questions About Sweat365.com

Sweat365.com could include more video media, such as footage of races and other athletic events. Sweat365.com could also have different fitness contests that the users could participate in. Sweat365.com