SwearJarr.com – A Swear Jar For Twitter

SwearJarr.comSwear jars were a mainstay of households for many generations, but lately they have become more and more obsolete. And now, at a point where they are about to vanish from the world altogether along comes a service like Sweet Jarr and gives them a new lease of life.

In principle, a Sweet Jarr is used by individuals, families or companies every time an insult escapes their lips. A fixed amount is deposited in the jar whenever that happens and at the end of the month the earnings are divided between two charities that are chosen at random. That is, it is the same concept of yore applied to the Social Web.You swear, you pay, you cleanse your mouth. And you can also sign up as a moderator an warn others of their Twitter violations.

If you look at the tats showcasing the usage of swear words used on Twitter on a day alone you would be amazed (or not) to learn that more than 400,000 swear words are employed. An initiative like SwetJarr has got a truly great potential to do good, provided people begin using it massively.

SwearJarr.com In Their Own Words

“The concept of a swear jar is simple. If you swear, you owe money to the swear jar. Many companies, organizations, and even families have used swear jars to help clean up the mouths of their respective members. At the same time, they are collecting money for whatever they choose to use it for. Companies for example, could use the money for a company barbeque. Families may put the money towards a family vacation. It’s a win-win situation.”

Why SwearJarr.com It Might Be A Killer

Any app that attempts to make the Internet something cleaner for everybody will no doubt be greeted with warmth.

Some Questions About SwearJarr.com

Will people really change their ways owing to something like this? SwearJarr.com