Swappa.com – Buy & Sell Android Phones

Swappa.comIn a nutshell, Swappa is a marketplace in which Android phones are transacted. Nothing else is bought and sold here. And only devices that are fully-functional (and ready to be activated) are featured on this site. Plus, all the devices that can be bought on Swappa have clean ESN/MEIDs (that is, they have not been reported lost or stolen).

Listings are created and browsed for free, and there is no need to sign up for an account or anything like that. You prove who you are by furnishing your Facebook credentials when prompted.

Sellers have to pay a small success fee, but that is basically it. S & H costs are always included as part of the price that is charged. So, Swappa is essentially a marketplace that is free and open to all and sundry. Any person who wants to get his hands on an Android device (or who wants to part ways with one) will be able to do it through this new platform.

Swappa.com In Their Own Words

Swappa is the ultimate Android device marketplace.

Why Swappa.com It Might Be A Killer

By being so specific, the site lets people find exactly what they need without having to apply one filter after the other.

Some Questions About Swappa.com

Based on the transactions conducted here, which devices are in more demand? Swappa.com