SwapMyWheels.com – Community Vehicle Trading in the UK

SwapMyWheels.comUK based SwapMyWheels makes it possible for car owners to trade their automobiles for something fancier, more family friendly, less expensive, more expansive, hipper, sleeker, quieter, and well, you get the point. Whether you want to swap your Renault Megane for a Hornet motor bike or vice versa, SwapMyWheels is there to help.

Rather than losing money by selling or buying via a main car dealer, you can save a significant amount simply by swapping. To get started you’ll need to create an advert with a detailed vehicle description and photos. Next, you’ll need to get your auto valued using the Parkers Guide. After that, choose what you want to swap your vehicle for. Once you’ve found your ideal swap and your offer is accepted, both parties need to verify vehicle numbers and registration—Swap provides links to various verification sites. Finally, after everything’s been checked, decide on a meeting spot, preferably public, and take your vehicle and any cash if necessary to pay the difference. And that’s it, you’ll get the vehicle you’ve been searching for, and you’ll have saved a bundle of cash. This is available for folks in the UK only. Registration costs 10 pounds.

SwapMyWheels.com In Their Own Words

“The reason for the creation of swapmywheels.com, a vehicle swapping website, was we felt there was a need for an on-line venue, where like for like (i.e. car for car), or cross vehicle swapping (e.g. car for bike or van for car, etc) could take place. The basic ethos is that you can register on the site for £10 allowing you to then advertise your vehicle on the website; be it a car, motorcycle or van, as an item for a swap with another interested party. Essentially putting you in touch with someone out there who wants what you have and they have what you want.”

Why SwapMyWheels.com It Might Be A Killer

SwapMyWheels is certainly a good idea. Users will save a significant amount of hard earned cash using the swap method. There are many people out there for whom this is an ideal way to get a new vehicle—it’s less cumbersome and round about than having to go through the hoops of car dealerships.

Some Questions About SwapMyWheels.com

This could work very well or fail miserably. How are users assured that these deals aren’t scams? Is there a pre-written contract available on the site, to make deals concrete? Will people feel comfortable without all the conveniences offered by dealerships? SwapMyWheels.com