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Swabr.comThere’s no such a thing as a company owner that’s happy about his employees using social sites while they are at work. It’s not just a matter of them wasting time commenting on their friends’ albums and so on, what they dislike most of all is that by using social sites they are putting the company’s whole network at risk. Sites like Facebook are riddled by all kinds of malware. And if you’ve got employees, that’s the last place on Earth you want them to have any ties with while they are at the office. If they are getting connected with any person, it should be with their fellow coworkers. And they should be connecting with each other in a safe, secure way.


That’s what services like Swabr are here for. Swabr lets you create a private microblogging network for all the people who work for you. They’ll be able to connect with each other and collaborate on work-related tasks, and also to share all kinds of files, links and images. As long as they’re uploading something that’s connected with the job they have to do, it’ll be shared with all of their contacts.

Registration to Swabr is free, and your employees will be able to create an account just by submitting their verified company email addresses. In Their Own Words

The secure enterprise microblogging tool.

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How does it compare to sites such as Dekks? Isn’t Swabr too simplistic?

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